Summer 2015

Designed by André Courrèges in 1965, the "Eskimo Glasses" are an off­-white, hard plastic frame with a curved slit on either eye. The glasses style was inspired by traditional carved­ bone glasses which were commonly fashioned by Aboriginal peoples in Canada, Greenland, and Alaska to provide protection from the bright, reflective sunlight.

The "Eskimo Glasses" became iconic of space age fashion of the '60s.  Imagery of this glasses style has circulated throughout decades. 

Salvador Dalí created several photographs wearing them at the time of their initial release, and they were also worn by Sun Ra on the cover of Rolling Stone's April 19, 1969 issue.

Edition of 8 Courrèges Eskimo/Eclipse/Lunette sunglasses. Each pair includes printed box featuring 3 linocuts. 

$350, e-mail to purchase or for inquiries

The glasses are pristine and have been previously un­worn. They were discovered packed in a single stock box in an abandoned textile mill in Yorkshire, Northern England.